Lawn Services

Find a place on our schedule, you won't have to worry about your lawn. We will neatly manicure your lawn by cutting the grass, edging and blowing all clippings away to create a clean inviting property for your home. We are happy to do spring fertilizing and fall seeding to round out your program.


Lawn Care

JW Lawn is a full-service grounds care company serving commercial and residential customers in Killeen, Copperas Cove and Harker Heights



 We can help improve and maintain all of those different aspects that make up your precious green space to give you back what's rightfully yours, A beautiful lawn


Soil Tests

Talk with our expert team of gardeners. We'll help you figure out the best way to make it better and give you personalized consultations so that you can get started right away!


Lawn Aeration

Aeration allows for more air, water and nutrients to reach your lawn roots. This in turn will encourage the growth of healthier deeper root systems that can better withstand drought or hard weather conditions.


Pruning of Shrub & Tree

A good way to keep your trees healthy is by doing regular maintenance on them like trimming the branches that are dead or diseased. Properly trimmed plants will be well-shaped with ample space in between for air circulation which promotes a healthier plant overall!


Spring and Fall Cleanup

Every lawn should be a beautiful place to live, but not when it's covered in leaves. That is where we come in! We'll rake and collect the debris from your yard so you can have that perfect home again.


Seasonal Plantings

One of the most eye-catching ways to add color and texture in your landscape is with seasonal plantings. A new selection awaits you every season, so be sure to take some time each year for a walk through your garden or green space looking at all that's blooming!

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